Otomycosis Ear- Fungus in the Ear

What is Otomycosis?
Otomycosis means fungal infection in the ear.
Otomycosis,Fungal Infection Ear

Ear Drum Perforation and Fungal Ear Infection in Ear canal

The picture above shows fungal infection of the ear canal.The ear drum of this particular patient is perforated and the black fungal spores can be seen in the floor of the ear canal adjacent to the perforated ear drum.
What part of the ear does the fungus affect?
Otomycosis commonly affects the outer ear canal.In case of an operated ear fungal infection can also occur in the cavity as in the case of a post-op mastoidectomy cavity.In case of an ear perforation the exposed middle ear can also become infected with the fungus.
When and How does a fungal infection occur in the ear?
It commonly occurs following water entry hence common in certain key situations such as
Summer- more humid climate, more swimming ,more frequent showers
Swimming in contaminated waters is one of the most common ways fungal infection occurs in the ear and for this reason  we see the maximum number of cases in summer months when swimming activities peak.
Tropical Climate - hot humid climate encourages fungal growth.
Otomycosis can occur following insertion of contaminated objects such as ear buds,pins etc into the ear canal in an attempt to" clean" the ear.
Injury to the ear canal by any other means can also predispose to Fungal ear infections.

What are the symptoms of Fungal Infection of the ear?
Itching Ears - one of the most common symptoms of fungal infection in the ears is itching.
Ear Discomfort
Ear pain
Ear discharge
Ear fullness
Ear blockage and Hearing loss
Dizziness can occasional occur
What is the management of Fungal Ear Infections?
The treatment of the infection aims to completely clear the fungal infection.
Topical anti-fungal ear drops are given.
Suction cleaning of the fungal infection may be done under microscope by your ENT Surgeon .
In cases of severe infection systemic anti-fungals may be required.
Antihistamines are used to control the itching and Analgesics and anti-inflammatory medications are prescribed if there is pain.
Super-added bacterial ear infection may need antibiotics to control the infection.
Avoid water entry to ensure quicker healing and preventing reinfection
What are the preventive measures for Otomycosis of the ear?
DO NOT use ear buds to clean the ears.
DO NOT insert pins, pen nibs or other objects into the ear canals.
Avoid swimming in contaminated waters.

Dr Sonia Suprabha Venugopal
Consultant ENT Surgeon Head & Neck Specialist,Bangalore
Dr Sonia & Dr Prateek's ENT Head Neck Center,Sahakaranagar, Bangalore

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